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Do you love Cougar? Do you love Jensen? Do you love them together as a pair or with so much UST that you get blind if you look to long? 

Then I know the perfect community for you.


Recently made and I search for new members and people who want to post something.

Wrote a fanfic with them?
Feel free to post the fic also in this community.

Made an amazing bunch of icons about Jensen and Cougs?
Then please, post and share them.

Draw or made an wallpaper with this two guys?
Everybody will be happy if they can admire your work.

Found a new piece of information about Jensen/Cougar which you must share?
Then I can only say. Please post it! Everybody is happy to hear more about them.

Or are you a 'only' a fan of them?
Perfect! To be a fan is the only criterion that you must fit. :P

Come join and share the love for Jensen/Cougar.

... and naturally I would also be happy if someone has ideas to improve the community. ;-)

Your mod,



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OT: Pimping!

I'm auctioning off my icons skills for a charity auction at legendary_women.

"Legendary Women Inc. is a non profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of women through fundraising for charities, education, and the promotion of positive female images in the media."

My offering is here if anyone would like to bid on me!